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Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do. Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children- ‘A salute to our Roots'."
Our school celebrated Grandparents’ Day projecting the theme “Baghban-love for Grandparents” with an abundance of respect and admiration. The celebration was graced by the Ma’am President, Mrs. Baljit Kaur Randhawa, Sir Director, Mr. Jatinderpal Singh Randhawa, Vice – President Ma’am, Mrs. Ramandeep Kaur Randhawa, Ma’am Principal, Mrs. Sakshi Chopra, and Mrs. Rajinder Kaur, Principal of Guru Amar Dass Sen. Sec. School. The day began with the auspicious ‘Lightning of the Lamp’ followed by the Shabad and Welcome song by the tiny tots of Kids Paradise. Many power-packed dance performances by students left the spectators spellbound and thoroughly mesmerized. The icing on the cake was the Fun Games such as Fill the basket, Make the Balance, Funny Bunny, Fish Race, Crossing through Hoopla Ring, Ballon Blast, Delicious Jalebi, Coin race, Collect The Cones, Pastry Board and Roller, Sack race and many more especially organized for the active participation of respected Grandparents of the students.
The students were very excited to see their Granddad or Grandmom participating in the games and cheered them wholeheartedly. The students presented a play based on the theme "Respect Your Grandparents” The Grandparents shared some mesmerizing moments and relived their childhood with their grandchildren. While addressing the grandparents, Ma’am Principal, Mrs. Sakshi Chopra thanked them for their presence and for their continuous support and guidance to their grandchildren. She further underlined the importance of the day. The celebrations ended with scintillating Gidha and Bhangra performances by the students followed by the National Anthem.



Janamashtmi, the birth of Lord Krishna was celebrated with great pomp and festivity by the tiny tots of Kids Paradise. Students were dressed as Radha Krishna. They gave a traditional touch to the entire celebration. Celebration started with the prayer followed by breaking the Makti by Lord Krishna. Students of Nursery and LKG ware colorful attire and played the role Krishna and Radha. There was also a Fancy Dress Competition where the participants were dressed beautifully. Our honorable Jury members adjudged the participants announced Best Beautiful Radha and Cute Krishna and also honored them with sashes. After this a lovely play was performed on Krishna and Sudhama. Our UKG Kids described the Janamashtmi celebration through their conversation. After the conversation teachers asked some questions from students and students gave great response. Then UKG students gave a dance performance. Eminent Ma’am Principal Mrs. Sakshi Chopra and Ma’am Principal Mrs. Rajinder Kaur addressed the students and teachers and gave them wishes on Janamashtmi. Ma’am Mrs. Rajinder Kaur appreciated their performances by tiny tots.


‘The GADIANS family celebrate 73rd Independence Day with all passion and zealous on August 14, 2019. A special assembly was organized to celebrate this special day. The students of Kindergarten and primary wing enthusiastically took part in various activities depicting the sacrifice of our freedom fighters. First of all the light was thrown on the importance and history of this festival. Then speech was delivered by the student of grade U.K.G. After that a PowerPoint Presentation based on the history of Independence Day was shown to the students. Students’ response was remarkable. Students of grade U.K.G. presented beautiful group song. A fancy Dress Competition was also organized for the students of LKG, UKG, 1st , 2nd , and 3rd Students were dressed in beautiful costumes depicting the roll of freedom fighters and famous personalities like Subhash Chadra Bose, Mahatma Gandhi, Rani Lakshmi Bai, Bhagat Singh, Jawahar Lal Nehru, Kalpana Chawla, Kiran Bedi, Mother Teresa, Narindera Modi, Marry Com, Swami Vivekananda, Maharaja Ranjit Singh, Sania Mirza etc. All the participants come on the stage turn by turn and spoke few lines about their characters. Teachers were also dressed in tricolor dresses. Respected Ma’am Principal Mrs. Sakshi Chopra also appreciated the participants for their performances.


‘The paths may change as life goes along, but the bond between a brother and sister remains ever strong.’
Raksha Bandhan is the festival which celebrates the eternal love between brothers and sisters. On this day, our young GADIANs turned into little artisans as Rakhi and Card Making activity was conducted in school premises . Girls made illuring rakhi whereas boys made cards for their sisters. Sir Director, Mr. Jatinderpal
Singh Randhawa and Ma'am Principal, Mrs. Sakshi Chopra appreciated the efforts put up by the students.


 “Kiddies paint their moods in shades of Blue”
The Kids Paradise of Guru Amar Dass Public School celebrated Blue Color Day on 08 August 2019. It was a pleasant and a cool blue day for the tiny tots. The significance of blue color day was reiterated through a series of activities.Excitement and enthusiasm was visible everywhere. All the children came dressed up in different shades and hues of Blue. Nursery students were made to recognize blue color through different games and play-way activities. An array of blue coloured objects like umbrella, ball, cloud, flower, toys etc. was displayed in all the classrooms. Ma’am Principal Mrs. Sakshi Chopra visited all the classes on blue day and they appreciated the kids and the teachers for their efforts.


“Poem recitation is a mode of expression, a medium to reflect the talents of the young ones”
Rhymes can prove to be and instrumental stepping stone for young children to
develop their verbal skills and boost their confidence. Keeping this in mind, The English Poem Recitation competition for Grade LKG was organized in Kids Paradise. There were eight participants from each section. The enthusiasticparticipants showcased their talents with beautiful rhymes. The eye catching props added Icing of the cake.


“Poem recitation is a mode of expression, a medium to reflect the talents of the young ones”
Rhymes can prove to be and instrumental stepping stone for young children to
develop their verbal skills and boost their confidence. Keeping this in mind, The Hindi Poem Recitation competition for Grade Nursery was organized in Kids Paradise. There were eight participants from each section. The enthusiasticparticipants showcased their talents with beautiful rhymes. The eye catching props added Icing of the cake.


To enhance the confidence of the students and give them a chance to present their views in front of all, Inter-Class competition had organized in our Kids Paradise. It is one of the simplest activities that young students can engage in, where the performer faces the rest of the class with a particular item and proceeds to show
it while telling information about it such as where they got it, what is used for and how it works etc. The Show and Tell competition was organized for the students of grade UKG in Kidsparadise. There were eight participants from each section and each child represented a different object like Environment, Electronic Devices, Cleanliness, Fruits, Seasons, Means of Transport etc. Teachers had shown their Enovation in the aids used by the students. Students were covered with the Props related to their topics. They spoke very well about Say No to Plastic, save the water, Save the Earth, Importance of Fruits, Cleanliness, Healthy and Junk Food and Importance of Electronic devices etc.


 Cotton Pasting Activity
To have fun cotton and colours, Cotton pasting activity had been organized by Nursery Teachers for  all the students. Teachers Students pasted the cotton in the images and use the appropriate colours to make the image beautiful. Teachers and students exhibited their activity through beautiful picturesthey prepared like teddy bear, Ice-Cream, Sun, peacock etc.

Rubber Band Pasting Activity

As rubber bands used for many purposes, Our LKG Students displayed their creativity with rubber bands. Students made beautiful images by pasting the rubber bands on the sheets. They used the glue for pasting the
rubber bands. They had made flowers, Butterflies, Birds, Shapes etc.

Collage Making Activity
Collage is an art of cutting and pasting papers, fabrics and other media on to paper. To enrich student s experience in handling of new materials, we planned a collage  making activity for UKG students. Teachers gave the scrapbooks,glaze paper and glue to the students. Students had made beautiful images on the scrapbooks by using various coloured sheets and glue. They really enjoyed this activity because it was very interesting


Green Day was celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm in the Kids Paradise of the school. All the students and teachers came to school dressed in pretty green attires and looked eco-friendly. The classrooms were beautifully decorated in green theme and all the students brought green snacks and eatables in their tiffins.
The students were taught the identification and recognition of green fruits, vegetables, leaves and trees. Many activities and games pertaining to green colour were organized for the Grade Nursery Students such as Circle Time Activity, Questioning Rhyme, Pick the Green Color things. For Grade LKG and UKG students Show and Tell activity, Sorting the Fruits and Vegetables, Knowledge about Plants, Memorization Activities were organized in which all the students participated enthusiastically and had great fun and learning as well. In her address Ma’am Principal , Mrs. Sakshi Chopra appreciated the efforts of the students  and highlighted the significance of green day celebrations. The celebration reached to its culmination with the planting of saplings by ma’am Principal, teachers and the students of Kids Paradise



Unique Style to Welcome our lovely kids of Kids Paradise.....

Rapturous trip to 'Burger King'


Highlights of 'Rain Dance Party' of Kids Paradise


Mother will be our door to Paradise so, lets love, respect and care for our mother everyday”

Mother’s day is a special day for all us it celebrates the bond of love and affection that is everlasting. Mothers are the emotional backbone of the family, who have the magic touch to heal all wounds and make all things beautiful. The Mother's Day was celebrated by "Kids Paradise" to remember the importance and significance of mothers in one's life. The event was graced by Ma'am President, Mrs. Baljit Kaur Randhawa, Sir Director, Mr. Jatinderpal Singh Randhawa, Ma'am Principal, Mrs. Sakshi Chopra, Mrs. Rajinder Kaur, Principal of Guru Amar Dass Sen. Sec. School and our special guest, Dr. Ramanpreet Kaur Randhawa . The mothers of KG section and Grade 1st and 2nd were specially invited to spend a memorable day filled with activities and fun. A host of performances were planned to honour and appreciate all mothers and the venue was aptly decorated. The Celebrations began with the lightning of the lamp followed by school prayer.Parents were entertained by myriad performances by the students. All performances exalted the mother as God, teacher, friend, philosopher, and guide and emphasized the truth that a mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world. To make the day special," Cook without Fire", Mehndi Competition, Ramp walk was especially organized for the invited mothers of our students and winners were awarded by school management and Ma'am Principal. In their address, both Ma'am President and Ma'am Principal said that the unconditional love and devotion of mother are incomparable to everything else in this world. Mother-child relationship, being exclusively one, cannot stand comparison with any other relationship. It is in fact, unique and incomparable. The day ended with all mothers and children enjoying themselves and taking back fond memories of a day well spent.


Paper Tearing and Pasting and Vegetable Printing activity was conducted in our Kids Paradise.


Colours are very important in our life. Each colour has its own significance. To make the students aware about pink colour we had celebrated Pink Colour Day in the kids Paradise. On this day all the students and teachers had worn pink colour dresses. Students brought pink colour objects like teddy bear, doll, car, bus, balls and other toys which they had in pink colour in their home. Teachers hanged Pink colour balloons in the classes. They had displayed the pink colour objects in their classrooms. Students also prepared rhymes related to the pink colour.
Our honorable Sir Director Mr. Jatinderpal Singh Randhawa and Ma’am Principal Mrs. Sakshi Chopra visited all the classes of the kids paradise on this day and join the students in pink colour day celebration. Students had presented their rhymes, share their views and knowledge about Pink colour. Ma’am Principal had also asked the students about pink colour, names of the objects and other general questions. Students had shown their keen interest in learning new things.

Thumb Printing Activity

To include the students with colours, to make them aware about the earth and nature, Our kids Paradise had organized Thumb printing Activity for kids. This activity was related  with Earth Day. Teachers mixed the colours in various bowls. Then students had dipped their thumbs in the bowls and made beautiful images with thumb impressions on the sheets. They had learnt about the various colours, shapes and images. They got about awareness also related with Nature.



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