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British Council ISA Activity Project 6 : Currency,Symbols,Flag


#Project 6:  Currency, Symbols, Flag
ActivityTitle: Let’s explore the world
Sub-Activity 6.4: Quiz
The National Symbols, Flag, and Currency of every country play a vital role in making the identity of the country, bringing the diverse cultures together and binding them in a single string. Keeping in mind the same view, our school conducted different activities such as Scrap File Activity, Article Writing, Wall magazine under Project 6 for the British Council (ISA) in which our students learned about the historical significance of symbols, currency, and flag of India, Nepal, Iran, USA. Our school also conducted the online quiz to assess the knowledge of the students in which the students from Grade VIII to X participated with great zeal and enthusiasm. The winners of the quiz and participants of all the activities were honored with e-certificates. Ma'am Principal Mrs. Sakshi Chopra congratulated the winners of the quiz contest and  praised the efforts of the students and the activity incharge,Ms. Sukhpreet Kaur.

              ActivityTitle: Let’s explore the world
Sub-Activity 6.3 Wall Magazine


The wall magazine activity was organized by our school for the British Council (ISA) under the Project 6:  "Currency, Symbols, Flag.
The students of  Grade VIII to X were divided into four groups. Each section was given a country for representation and divided into groups to research and collect materials. Various articles, interesting facts, and other materials were created by students for the same. It was a great opportunity to watch our young minds creating and displaying their ideas on paper. The students thoroughly enjoyed the activity.
To be continued......

               ActivityTitle: Let’s explore the world
Sub-Activity 6.2:  Article Writing


In the second sub-activity of Project 6: under the British Council Activities(ISA), the students wrote the article and some students also draw the flag, emblem and concerned data of their respective countries. The objective of this activity was to make students able to stretch themselves intellectually with research, assimilation, and impressive expression with the vast information about the currency, symbols, and flag of the countries under study.

            ActivityTitle: Let’s explore the world
Sub-Activity 6.1: Scrap File Activity

At GADPS, the focus always has been to empower students to excel in a different walk of life so that they are able to EVOLVE BETTER as GLOBAL CITIZENS of tomorrow who can stand for their rights by developing universal liberty, equality, and fraternity ("Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité"). Keeping in mind the same view, our school organized Scrap File Activity under Project 6: Currency, symbols, flag for British Council(ISA). The students from Grade VIII to Grade X participated in this activity. The students were divided into four groups. Each group did meticulous research on the currency, symbols such as National Bird, National Tree, National Animal, and the National Flag of the assigned country and paste it in scrap file.
To be continued.......


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