Remedial Classes              

Students who have difficulties in certain subjects, we provide Remedial Classes through which basic foundation skills necessary for learning that subject in detail are taught. Our Intervention Program consists of a variety of fun classroom activities and worksheets and home assignments. Once the child has mastered the concept, he/she is returned to mainstream class. Our teachers are trained through workshops by experts to identify these children early in the academic year and to frame lesson plans suitable for them.

We devote our attention to all our students equally. For slow learners, our remedial classes devote extra time tohelp them understand particular subjects better. This is done in zero period   where the teachers interact on one to one basis.  At the same time we have enrichment programmes for bright students to make them champions.

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Guru Amardas Public School
Ucha Bet, Kapurthala - 144804
Helpline - 84375-00219

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